Obama’s Decision Sparks Anger With Liberals

Looks as if all is not well in the magical land that liberals live in. Today Obama ordered that Guantanamo be closed with-in a year, and of course all the trials of the terrorists have been put on hold. But the ACLU head cheese expressed his dismay at Obama’s ambiguous plan to be rid of Gitmo for good. Seems he just thinks that Obama can close the doors and tell everyone to go home in one day. Of course that’s what the ACLU would love to see. All those terrorists walking out as free killers to wreck havoc on the world again. Nothing like job security for the ACLU.
Obama also signed orders for the following actions which delighted the liberals even more.

Shut down the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, within one year.

Prohibit the CIA from using coercive interrogation techniques that already are banned by the Pentagon.

Shutter secret CIA “black site” prisons abroad where terror suspects have been held.

End the practice of “extraordinary renditions” that transfer detainees to countries where they can be tortured.
Scrap every legal opinion or memo issued during the presidency of George W. Bush that justify interrogation programs, including the use of waterboarding and other techniques, the CIA’s black sites and extraordinary renditions.

Can you blame Obama for not giving himself some breathing room? He knows that closing Gitmo and figuring out how the terrorists will be tried is no easy matter. But regardless his actions have gotten some liberals angry. I have been surfing the liberal sites for awhile now, and they are fighting like dogs over a bone. The more sane liberals think that it’s a good idea for him not to act to fast. Take it easy and all. But the real radical liberals want Gitmo closed like yesterday, and all the terrorists freed. But I did notice how none of them wanted the terrorist living next to them. All their suggestions had the terrorists living in another country, and or different state. But no where near them! Where is the love? And then there were the ones who were actually gloating over the fact that the 9/11 and Cole Families would not have any justice. Real sick stuff. These people have serious emotional problems. More scary than the terrorists really. Because these wackos are out on our streets and walking around free. Maybe even working as a teacher, a doctor, and or a position where they could really harm an individual with their deranged thinking process.

So all and all it did not take too long to see the liberals start to biting themselves, and devouring their own.

And that’s always a Good Thing!

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