Bill Ayers: Home Boy Terrorist

Bill Ayers was one twisted dude back when he young, and still is for all I care. In a interview in 2008 he stated, “I wish we had done more.”  In case you don’t know old Billy boy was in charge of the Weather Underground back in the 60’s and 70’s. A group of pampered and spoiled college kids living off their parents money who had visions of a communist utopia. They also were protesting all the violence in the Vietnam war at the time. And how did they conduct these protests? Why by making bombs and settiing them off. Some friking way to protest violence. But thats a liberal mind for you.

In a recent interview Bill still swears up and down that they were not terrorists though. That they only blew up buildings!  Kinda like these Eco-terrorists who only blow up peoples houses. And not people. Even though the groups next attack if Bill’s fellow wackos had not blown themselves up would have been people. In a real bad way too.

They managed to set bombs off at three different places, the pentagon, a police station, and another building. They also blew up a statue dedicated to riot police not once but twice.

Bill’s own girlfriend and two other members of their gang blew themselves up while making pipebombs to set at a Fort Dix dance for Army officers. The pipebombs were packed with nails. Too bad old Billy boy was not there himself to get a sample of his “protests”.

Bill still gets excited about the good old days of destroying government property, and costing taxpayers a ton of money. And not to mention being partly responsible for his friends deaths. “We can claim extreme acts of radicalism against property, but we killed no one only three of our own people..” The liberal mind is one screwed up thing is it not? I got news for ya Billy Boy! Even though your own bombs killed your own people that is still killing people. Even if they were some extremely emotional unbalanced people.

But all ended well for Bill in the end. He is a professor at some liberal college passing on his ideas of healthy protest to other rich and navie college kids, and even wrote a book glorifying his old rebel days.

Bill’s other claim to fame is that he helped to launch President Obama’s bid for the presidency at his house.

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