Another Gitmo Terrorist Kills Again

Guantanamo Al QaidaThis has become a bad habit. Freed Gitmo terrorists who kill again after their release from Hotel Guantanamo. The pentagon states that over 60 former Gitmo terrorists have returned back to jihad. And Said Ali al-Shihri has outdone all of them so far. He not only helped in the attack on the US Embassy this past September in Yemen, but was promoted to the second in command of the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction. Not bad for a recovering jihadist. Not bad at all. All in less than a year form the time he got out of Gitmo. It’s a shame that they could not have introduced this lowlife to some water boarding to extract more information than what they originally obtained from him.
Its obvious to anyone that he lied to his interrogators about his connections and activities with Al-Qaeda. But in the end more innocent people were murdered just to appease the ACLU and the far left liberals here at home.

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