Two More Hamas Terrorists Killed

humasThis New Year started out with a bang! Literally. But I don’t think that Usama al-kini and Shiek Salim Swedan formerly of Al-Qaeda heard a thing as the missile exploded. Either way that’s two more murdering terrorists that are now in Heaven with Allah and their Virgins. As they say, a dead terrorist is a good terrorist. There deaths mean that more innocent men, women and children from all faiths, and nationalities will live to see another day.

The low lifes were taken out by hellfire missiles on January 1st 2009. They were both rising stars in Al-Qaeda only to be shot down by American missiles. They were wanted for the American Embassy bombings of 1998, and other recent attacks as well. They had killed innocent people and were planning on killing more.

And the good news does not stop there! It was reported by Israel that the senior Hamas terrorist Ayman Siam head of the rocket and artillery unit in Gaza was killed by the Israeli military. And it gets better! Two days ago Israeli military pilots exterminated the Hamas commander in charge of launching last weeks missiles at Israel cities. The Israelis also report killing two more senior terrorists, the head of Hamas Special Forces, Muhammad Hilo and Muhammad Shalboch a member of the commando forces and a rocket launching squad.

So the Israelis are kicking Hamas butt and taking names and driving American liberals insane. While our own forces are hard at work in making this world a safer place for everyone.

What better way to start a New Year? And Israel also announced today that they would continue the battle against Hamas and not be deterred by American Liberals and other nations who object to Israel defending her land and people. Go Israel!

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