Bill Ayers: Home Boy Terrorist

Bill Ayers was one twisted dude back when he young, and still is for all I care. In a interview in 2008 he stated, “I wish we had done more.”  In case you don’t know old Billy boy was in charge of the Weather Underground back in the 60’s and 70’s. A group of pampered and spoiled college kids living off their parents money who had visions of a communist utopia. They also were protesting all the violence in the Vietnam war at the time. And how did they conduct these protests? Why by making bombs and settiing them off. Some friking way to protest violence. But thats a liberal mind for you.

In a recent interview Bill still swears up and down that they were not terrorists though. That they only blew up buildings!  Kinda like these Eco-terrorists who only blow up peoples houses. And not people. Even though the groups next attack if Bill’s fellow wackos had not blown themselves up would have been people. In a real bad way too.

They managed to set bombs off at three different places, the pentagon, a police station, and another building. They also blew up a statue dedicated to riot police not once but twice.

Bill’s own girlfriend and two other members of their gang blew themselves up while making pipebombs to set at a Fort Dix dance for Army officers. The pipebombs were packed with nails. Too bad old Billy boy was not there himself to get a sample of his “protests”.

Bill still gets excited about the good old days of destroying government property, and costing taxpayers a ton of money. And not to mention being partly responsible for his friends deaths. “We can claim extreme acts of radicalism against property, but we killed no one only three of our own people..” The liberal mind is one screwed up thing is it not? I got news for ya Billy Boy! Even though your own bombs killed your own people that is still killing people. Even if they were some extremely emotional unbalanced people.

But all ended well for Bill in the end. He is a professor at some liberal college passing on his ideas of healthy protest to other rich and navie college kids, and even wrote a book glorifying his old rebel days.

Bill’s other claim to fame is that he helped to launch President Obama’s bid for the presidency at his house.

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Suicide Terrorist Blows only Himself UP!

A Palestinian Terrorists got sent to the promise land when the Israelis caught him sneaking across the border. His suicide belt exploded from the Israeli weapons fire! I wish I could read feel good stories like this everyday when it comes to these dirtbags getting blow to hell.

I hope that Israel will be able to get their soldier back from Hamas. And that he is in good health. if hamas even follows through with their end of the deal that is. Which will surprise me.

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Twisted Mother of Suicide Bombers

The Mother of suicide bombers was arrested in Iraq this Tuesday. This old lady is one sick and twisted mother. Granted all suicide bombers are seriously screwed up. But this woman is really perverted.  Samira Ahmed Jassim was part of a gang where the male terrorists went out and raped young Iraqi women.  Then this sicko went and found the raped and emotionally messed up women and talked them into becoming suicide bombers to reclaim their honor. She has admitted to masterminding 28 bombing in different areas. If anyone deserves to be stoned to death its this psycho. AP Press

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Israeli Air Force Scores a Hit on Hamas

Its always good news to hear when Hamas terrorists get taken out for good. Or converted to a good and dead terrorist! And that’s what happened to at least one Hamas terrorists. The Israeli Air Force took his car out and him too and wounded three more Hamas terrorists.  The Israelis let the missles fly when Hamas fired mortars Monday morning into Israel.  I think Hamas had better wake up and realize that Israel has had enough of their hit and run tactics.

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Gaza Rejects Israeli Peace

Israeli prime Minister Olmert stated that the border crossings between Israel, and Gaza will only reopen full time after Hama’s releases Sgt. Gilad Schalit an Israeli soldier captured by Gaza terrorists in June of 06.
Hamas Leader Khaled Mashall stated that the opening of the crossings should not be linked to the Israeli soldier. And rejected the conditions. Typical brutish Hamas behavior. If they really want to help the people of Palestine so much, then why not free the soldier? Of course liberals are condemning the Israelis for not making peace. but thats typical liberal behavior as well. To support the terrorists, and to forget the real victims.

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Where is the Love?

Where is the liberal love for all the Gitmo terrorists? Been reading and watching the news and it appears that no state in the union wants the Gitmo Garbage. Even in some of your more liberal states the people are crying out “not in my backyard!” If we are lucky they will be sent to one of the hard core prisons and placed in General Population. The only thing convicts hate worse than a child pervert is a terrorist. They would not last long in GP, before they got beat to death. Or if they are lucky, a shank in the back of the neck. Also been reading where some of the Libs are angry that Obama chose to give his first big speech to the Arabs. Thats really got some libs hot and bothered.

But at least Hamas liked what Obama had to say. Or some of it. One Hamas leader stated that Obama’s words gave him hope that Obama would stop Israel from pounding them into the dirt. I don’t think so!

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Taliban Happy with Obama’s Decision to Close Gitmo

The Taliban is happy with Obama’s decision to close Guantanamo Bay! That’s comforting to know that our enemies are happy with our president. In a message posted on Islamic websites the Taliban went on to say that Obama’s move was a step in the right direction. Whats wrong with this picture? I have read where the Yemeni Regime, Syria, Iran, Al-Qaeda, and many more of the people who hate us are overjoyed at the closing of Gitmo. I guess we are finally doing something wrong that they approve of.

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Another Gitmo Terrorist Kills Again

Guantanamo Al QaidaThis has become a bad habit. Freed Gitmo terrorists who kill again after their release from Hotel Guantanamo. The pentagon states that over 60 former Gitmo terrorists have returned back to jihad. And Said Ali al-Shihri has outdone all of them so far. He not only helped in the attack on the US Embassy this past September in Yemen, but was promoted to the second in command of the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction. Not bad for a recovering jihadist. Not bad at all. All in less than a year form the time he got out of Gitmo. It’s a shame that they could not have introduced this lowlife to some water boarding to extract more information than what they originally obtained from him.
Its obvious to anyone that he lied to his interrogators about his connections and activities with Al-Qaeda. But in the end more innocent people were murdered just to appease the ACLU and the far left liberals here at home.

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Former Gitmo Terrorist Becomes Suicide Bomber

al-ajmiHow many more innocent people will have to die because of terrorists freed from Gimto? Back this past May Abdallah Salih al-Ajmi used a car to commit a suicide bombing in Iraq. His lawyer at Gitmo stated that he became a terrorist in Gitmo. That before he had been confined, he was just your typical guy that you would drink a beer with and had been at the wrong place at the wrong time. Yeah right! The same sad story about the mistreated terrorist. Either way he is dead! And that is good news for everyone now. Its just a shame that more innocent people had to die because of this scumbag.

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Two More Hamas Terrorists Killed

humasThis New Year started out with a bang! Literally. But I don’t think that Usama al-kini and Shiek Salim Swedan formerly of Al-Qaeda heard a thing as the missile exploded. Either way that’s two more murdering terrorists that are now in Heaven with Allah and their Virgins. As they say, a dead terrorist is a good terrorist. There deaths mean that more innocent men, women and children from all faiths, and nationalities will live to see another day.

The low lifes were taken out by hellfire missiles on January 1st 2009. They were both rising stars in Al-Qaeda only to be shot down by American missiles. They were wanted for the American Embassy bombings of 1998, and other recent attacks as well. They had killed innocent people and were planning on killing more.

And the good news does not stop there! It was reported by Israel that the senior Hamas terrorist Ayman Siam head of the rocket and artillery unit in Gaza was killed by the Israeli military. And it gets better! Two days ago Israeli military pilots exterminated the Hamas commander in charge of launching last weeks missiles at Israel cities. The Israelis also report killing two more senior terrorists, the head of Hamas Special Forces, Muhammad Hilo and Muhammad Shalboch a member of the commando forces and a rocket launching squad.

So the Israelis are kicking Hamas butt and taking names and driving American liberals insane. While our own forces are hard at work in making this world a safer place for everyone.

What better way to start a New Year? And Israel also announced today that they would continue the battle against Hamas and not be deterred by American Liberals and other nations who object to Israel defending her land and people. Go Israel!

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